New York City: the center of the Universe, the melting pot for all people alike or different, and a place for any person to find a home. There is, however, a very specific crowd that runs a little higher, and a little faster. That is, the club-goers.

NYC nightlife is centered around it’s clubbers: the entire city, as a whole, is a playground for girls in their Louboutin’s and men in their Armani suits. Bright lights, big city, and everything in between.

One of the most popular new spots, opened by the same founders behind TAO and Marquee, is PH-D in the Dream Downtown hotel. Positioned right in the heart of the meatpacking district, the nightclub sits atop a huge rooftop overlooking the beautiful skyline of Manhattan on one side, and the Hudson River on the other. Indoor seating outlooks massive windows that stretch from one side of the restaurant to the other, while the outdoor experience overlooks the glittering Empire State Building.

Restaurant turned club, PH-D attracts models, celebrities, and the most beautiful people of Manhattan. Once described as “tipsy flamingos,” models pack the dance floor and stand on couches around the room. Elegant, three tiered chandeliers hang from the ceilings, and delicate mirrors cover the walls; chic marble lines the floor of each room, giving the entire venue a grandeur presence. Here, you can party all night in the city that never sleeps, because you’ll certainly still be dreaming.

Also known for it’s rich presentation is TAO Downtown, recently opened in the Maritime Hotel. TAO became first known by its location uptown, where the large sprawling restaurant holds up to 300 people with a 16-foot sitting Buddha watching over your meal.

The downtown location is nothing less in size, seating up to 400 patrons in either the main room, the lounge, or the bar. On one end of the central dining room there is a grand statue of the beautiful Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, and on the other, a three tiered grand staircase with platforms for tables. The double ceiling room bursts with color and red hues, epitomizing good luck and pure happiness in the asian culture.

After a delectable meal, TAO’s late night scene keeps a beautiful crowd on the dance floor as they party under an oversized disco ball all night.

Just a few blocks away from TAO is the elusive Catch Roof nightclub. If you don’t already know where this venue is, then it might be a little tough to find it: arriving at its listed address will just get you a bag full of new cosmetics - as there is a Sephora in its place. The actual entrance is around the corner, disguised as a plain door with no sign, and no welcoming squad.

Once you’re through the door, the long, black, hallway leads to unmarked elevators - leaving you wondering if it’s a nightclub you’re walking into, or some questionable murder scene. Regardless, the entire experience is clearly made to make you feel a part of the super elite, super exclusive, and super chic crowd.

Inside, the round, red leather couches will invite you to enjoy the extensive seafood menu with fish, oysters, crab - you name it. Behind the mastermind of the menu is Hung Huynh, three time winner of Top Chef, and you can order your food by the pound or by the tower - just be prepared to pay for it.

For a more old school, swanky feel, Up&Down in the West Village - where The Darby once was - is the place to be partying. The layout of the club is designed in two separate levels; hence the name Up&Down. The upper level gives an old Italian vibe, embellished with plush couches, palm trees, and mirrors, while the downstairs portion functions more as a lounge - just the way The Darby once did. With fun and exciting mysteries like hidden stairwells, secret codes, and concealed private rooms, you’ll be sure to have a fun time at this hidden gem.

A not-so-hidden gem would be 1 OAK, as it has been a well-established club in the NYC nightlife for quite sometime now. 1 OAK - originally named for One Of A Kind - is known for its ritzy crowd dressed in expensive suits and designer dresses. The floor is paved with a chic black and white triangle wave, and the couches are adorned in sleek gold. The walls are covered with interesting photographs, mostly all in sepia-tone, and the ceiling is one, huge, outstretched slab of beautiful, refined oak.

A slightly smaller club, 1 OAK is considered to be intimate, as it only holds about 250 people. The door, of course, is strict with its patrons, but the exclusivity of this club depends largely on what time of night you arrive: the earlier the better. Besides Manhattan, there is also a 1 OAK club in Southampton, so for all of you Hamptonites, you can enjoy the scene out there - even if it is only during the summer season.

Situated in the Gansevoort Hotel, Provocateur is another nightclub/lounge hybrid exuding timeless luxury. With velvet, tufted banquets around the dancefloor, and sharp, neon lights above your head, you will be sure to feel the merging of two worlds here: classic beauty and fierce modern fashion.

The crowd that Provocateur attracts is an international, jet-setting, gorgeous group of people. It has been said that the sight of these party-goers is mostly hot girls and rich men, so prepare to be surrounded by tall beauties and Black Card members. The door is known for being one of the toughest to get through in the city, one source even saying that there is an 18% chance for someone to make it in without a reservation.

There have been some huge DJ names in and out of this nightclub over the years, Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia to name a few, and it is said that Provocateur is “changing the face of clubbing.” So, be sure to strap on your sexiest heels, and your favorite dress - the attire should be nothing less than provocative.