NOTO Paris
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Location NOTO Paris / Paris / FRA
Minimum age Y.O
Duration 1 H
Group size UP to guests
Features Included drinks and equipment



At the same floor than the Salle Pleyel, Noto Paris gives you rendez-vous with an Italy with timeless elegance and inspired flavors. To the south of Italie, more specifically, in the small town of Noto, a Baroque and sensual Sicily, whose poetry can be read through its shady corsos, its rich palaces and its sleeping piazzas. In the surroundings, orchards planted with citrus, olive and almond trees. A little further, pistachio Bronte on the Etna's foothills or wild capers of the small island of Pantelleria. Without forgetting other roots of the Sicilian table: the fusion with the Greek, Latin and Arab-Andalusian culinary cultures.


From images of Visconti's famous "Cheetah" to the chic of the New Yorker Ciprani, NOTO Paris retains the Art Deco charm of the Salle Pleyel. The interiors are mostly made of marble but also brilliant walnut, brass and noble fabrics: an eclecticism integrating elements with "classical" elegance without preventing some fanciful details in a nod to the late Baroque who dresses the facades and balconies of Old Noto's palaces.


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